Join us Tuesday, May 14 for our next ODC Night Out at Lickity Split in New Holland!

The Occupational Development Center is not a political organization.

We serve individuals with developmental disabilities.

It doesn’t matter what color they are.

It doesn’t matter what religion they are.

It doesn’t matter what language they speak or if they can speak at all.

It doesn’t matter if they are rich or poor.

It doesn’t matter if they can learn quickly or if they require extra time and support to be successful.

It doesn’t matter if they are old or young.

It doesn’t matter if they are blind or deaf.

It doesn’t matter if they use a wheelchair, or a walker, or crutches, or a cane.

Their sexuality doesn’t matter.

Their gender doesn’t matter.

Their disability…doesn’t matter.


What does matter is this:


Their ability to show kindness to everyone.

Their ability to do their part.

Their ability to empathize.

Their perseverance.

Their ability to work together.

Their ability to learn new skills and be productive members of the community.

Their ability to console each other in times of sadness.

Their ability to celebrate their accomplishments and the accomplishments of others.

Their ability to try, even when they are scared that they might fail.

Their ability to communicate their ideas and feelings.

Their ability to break down walls and stereotypes.

Their ability to love and be loved.


The ODC will continue to provide an environment where the things that matter can occur.