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Executive Director

Gregg has been at the ODC since 2009. His responsibilities include overall management of the ODC including client service, staff supervision and development, and compliance with applicable licensing and regulatory requirements. Gregg is originally from Washington, NJ, and received his Bachelor’s Degree in Elementary Education with a concentration in Special Education from East Stroudsburg University. Gregg has been involved in the developmental disabilities field since 1992 and has previously worked as a residential support professional, a special education teacher, a team leader in an adult day rehabilitation facility, and a crisis prevention and intervention instructor. Gregg and his family live here in Lancaster. His wife, Jill, works for IU13. He also has one son and one daughter. Gregg enjoys playing music and is passionate about the N.Y. Yankees and the Pittsburgh Steelers.

Some fun facts about Gregg

His favorite local restaurant: American Bar & Grill His favorite food: Scalloped potatoes (seriously, we’ve seen him consume gobs and gobs of the stuff…) Who would play him in a movie about his life? Bruce Willis His favorite author: Tom Robbins and Neil Gaiman

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Public Relations & Development Manager

Ken’s responsibility is to increase the visibility of ODC by developing and maintaining working relationships with businesses and organizing fundraisers and special events, grant writing, and being an advocate for the ODC & ODC Foundation. He started working at the ODC in October 2016.

Ken earned a bachelor’s degree in Broadcasting from Geneva College, and a Master’s Degree in Mass Communications from Penn State.  Ken has more than 40 years of experience in communications and marketing, much of it while working for nonprofits. Originally from the Philadelphia area, Ken is a fan of all Philly sports teams.

Some Fun Facts About Ken

Bucket list item: See a game in all major league ballparks His favorite food: A German dish called sauerbraten His favorite band: U2  Band/musician ashamed to admit he likes: Taylor Swift

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Senior Program Specialist

Shelly’s responsibilities include the development and implementation of Individualized Service Plans; coordination of services for new and existing participants; facilitating the admissions process for new applicants and supervision and training of employees, as well as overseeing and supporting the progress of each participant’s long range vocational plans. She is also involved in the design and construction of adaptive equipment used at the Center.  Shelly went to Conestoga Valley H.S., and received her Bachelor’s degree in Psychology from Kutztown University.  She has been working in the developmental disabilities field since 2000. Shelly began working at ODC as a Program Supervisor in 2001. She was promoted to Program Specialist in 2007 and continued until June 2011, when she acquired her current position.   

Shelly’s hobbies and passions involve everything from animals and gardening to various artistic pursuits and reading.

Some Fun Facts About Shelly

Her favorite local restaurant: Funck’s in Leola Her favorite vacation spot: Anywhere near the ocean. Her favorite actor: Johnny Depp Who would play her in a movie? Melissa McCarthy

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Production Manager

Ashley’s primary responsibilities involve coordinating the production process at ODC. She does evaluations and follow up for potential jobs and is also responsible for maintaining a safe working environment. Employed by ODC since September 2010, Ashley has also held a position as a Program Supervisor. Prior to her employment, Ashley received an associate’s degree in Social Science from HACC York and Lancaster.

Some Fun Facts About Ashley

Her favorite food: Maine lobster and filet mignon. Her pets: a Springer Spaniel Her Favorite color: Red

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Office Manager

Tammy is the glue that keeps it all together here, and has been employed at the ODC since 2009. She’s in charge of anything and everything related to any money that goes in and out, bookkeeping, and making sure the left hand knows what the right hand is doing. Without her, we would just fall apart.

Tammy is a graduate of Manheim Central and the School of Hard Knocks. She lived in Manheim her entire life until just recently, and has two grown children and four adorable grandchildren. (Just ask her!) Tammy’s interests include ancient history and collecting books and magazines about Princess Diana.

Some Fun Facts About Tammy

Her favorite team: Pittsburgh Steelers Her favorite local restaurant: Cat’s Meow. Her favorite food: Tacos Who would play her in a movie? Drew Barrymore or Kelly McGillis. Her favorite band: Kings of Leon

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Program Specialist

Jeremy has been working at the ODC since 2015, initially as a Mobile Work Crew Supervisor, but in 2017 was promoted to the position of Program Specialist, where he oversees the development and implementation of program services for our participants. He is originally from the Philly area, and obtained his B.S. in Psychology from Mansfield University.

His passions in life include anything to do with Notre Dame football, as well as just about everything related to Philadelphia sports. He also loves camping and fishing.

Some Fun Facts About Jeremy

His favorite local restaurant: V & S Sandwiches (for the cheese steaks) His favorite TV Show: The Walking Dead His favorite musician: Bob Marley His favorite actors: Will Ferrell & Adam Sandler

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Mailroom Supervisor

Rosa, who has been at the ODC since September, 2010, supervises our participants who work in the mailroom as they prepare and assemble a variety of large mailings for our clients. Rosa is originally from New York City and has a CNA degree from New York City College.

Rosa has 3 kids, a grandson. Rosa is passionate about life and anything & everything Disney.

Some Fun Facts About Rosa

Bucket list item: Bungee jumping at Niagara Falls (!!!) Her favorite sports teams: Steelers and Yankees Her favorite actor: Pauly Shore (no, really) Her favorite food: Dumplings w/ cod fish (a Spanish dish) Who would play her in a movie about herself? “Me!! Because I’m awesome.”

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CPS Supervisor


CPS Supervisor

Maria is one of our CPS supervisors, which means she spends her days taking our participants out into the community to explore vocational opportunities. She is our furthest traveled employee as she is originally from Romania, “the country of vampires.” She began working at the ODC in 2012. She has a nursing certificate from HACC.

Maria has two sons, and is passionate about Russian literature and astrology.

Some Fun Facts About Maria

Her favorite vacation spot: The Black Sea in Romania Her favorite bands: Pink Floyd, Queen, Led Zeppelin Her favorite book: The Master and Margarita by Mikhail Bulgakov Something that might surprise people about her: She used to play basketball and was the captain of her team and was quite good!


Administrative Assistant

Kat is originally from Jersey Shore, PA, but now lives in York. She has a Bachelor of Arts in Art with a focus on Graphic Design. She began working at the ODC in January of 2020.

Kat just got married in 2022. She’s passionate about her art, particularly creating illustrations, and loves to play video games and Dungeons & Dragons.

Some Fun Facts About Kat

Her favorite vacation spot: Topsail Island, NC Her favorite movie: Up Her favorite food: Crab legs and shrimp Superpower she wishes she had: the ability to breathe underwater.

2024 Board of Directors

Tom Wobber


Bertz, Hess & Co., LLP

William Young

President, Ex-Officio

Murray Securus

Terri Turner

Vice President

TLT HR Consulting, LLC

Laura Gallagher

Personnel Committee Chair

Harmon & Davies, P.C.

Samantha M. Besnoff

Treasurer/Finance Committee Chair

Mittman Besnoff Agency

Heather Kreider

PR/Dev Committee Chair

Makes Scents Natural Spa Line/Hempfield Botanicals

Jon Wile

Facilities Consultant

Wile Plumbing

Gregg Richards

Secretary, Executive Director

Occupational Development Center

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