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One of our favorite programs here at the ODC is our Small Group Employment program.

This is a program where we work with you and your business to identify a small group (hence the name…) of our participants who will come out to your facility, with a supervisor, and work alongside your employees.

There’s no real cookie-cutter mold for what this looks like; it’s different for every business depending on their specific tasks and needs.

What Small Group Employment Looks Like at Kinsey’s Inc.

Our biggest success story for SGE is with Kinsey’s Inc., out in Mount Joy. A group of our participants travels to Kinsey’s two or three times a week to work in their warehouse building boxes, labeling, and packing items for shipment.

But don’t just take our word for it. Let us show you what this looks like. This video was recently produced by the folks at Kinsey’s to highlight the wonderful partnership we have with them.

What Small Group Employment Looks Like for You!

We would LOVE to have a similar partnership with your business. We have participants who are more than capable of tackling all sorts of job related tasks, which will help your business be more productive, and perhaps free up some of your employees for other important types of work. It’s a cost effective way of getting the job done while also doing something good for the community.

The first step to find out what this looks like for you, is to give us a call at 717-397-4269, and ask for either Ashley or Ken.

The next step would be for us to visit your place of business, perhaps with a few of our participants, and take a tour of your facility. This comes at no cost to you, and we can listen to your ideas as well as provide some of our own.

Once we determine what sort of work our participants can do for you, we will carefully select the participants who we believe are the best fit for everyone involved. We not only want workers who we know can do the job for you, but we want to make sure the work is in line with the skills and interests of our participants.

It’s Your Turn

If you’re interested in how we can work with you, email us or give us a call at 717-397-4269. And even if you’re not sure, we’d love to take a tour of your facility and see if we can find some way of helping you. We’re betting that we can find a way to work with you that benefits everyone involved.

You might even be our next big success story, as we seek to find employment for our participants and bring them closer to a life of independence.