Join us Tuesday, May 14 for our next ODC Night Out at Lickity Split in New Holland!

Exciting news for all of you coffee drinkers out there! The ODC has partnered with Wanderlust Coffees to bring you our own branded coffee blend!

Wanderlust is a new local small batch roaster who came to us with the idea, and the ODC gets a portion of all sales.

We taste tested a variety of blends, and our staff unanimously chose our blend, which we then named “Grounds for Success” to tie in with our mission here at the ODC. And, like our participants at the ODC, “It gets the job done!

The coffee is a medium bodied blend with vibrant wine-like acidity, chocolatey undertones, and hints of nuts. It is organically grown, fairly traded, and air roasted in small batches right here in Lancaster. And, we’re pretty sure you’re gonna love it.

You can order it directly from the Wanderlust site in a variety of sizes, and get it whole bean or in one of four grinds (Coarse for French Press, Medium-coarse for pour over, medium for classic drip coffee, or fine for espresso). Plus, you can even sign up for a subscription so you never run out!

When you order, you can choose to have it delivered to you via USPS, or if you are local, you can save some money and arrange to pick it up at the roastery in Lancaster. Eventually, the ODC will also be a pickup location for your orders, and we’ll even keep some coffee (and our mugs!) in stock for you to drop in and purchase.

So head on over to our page at Wanderlust Coffees, and get your caffeine fix!