2018 ODC Parent’s Group Nut Sale

The ODC Parent’s Group Nut Sale is back!


All proceeds benefit the programs of the ODC.

Nuts come in 1-pound plastic bags. Cashews, mixed nuts, and peanuts come in either salted or unsalted.

We’ll have 2 order dates and 2 pick up dates.

First order DUE: November 2 – Pick up date: November 13.

Second order DUE: December 3 – Pick up date: December 13.

Mail your order form and check (made out to ODC Parents Group) to Jennifer Douglas, 14 Railroad Avenue, Marietta, PA 17547-9514. Questions? Call 717-426-1482.

Payment is due with all orders! 

Print out the forms below.

ODC Nut Sale Order Form

ODC Nut Sale Pricing and Information